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  • Courtney Moore

Merry Christmas! *Pandemic Edition*

In spite of this pandemic I am praying that everyone is enjoying their Christmas and I pray that you have been able to find a way to enjoy the holidays with loved ones all while staying safe and being responsible.

I have to be honest and say that I am not completely in the Christmas spirit this year and I am sure we can all understand why. With the rise in covid cases and being that some very close to me have been dealing with cases of covid, I am not feeling all too great about the holidays. However, I am making a conscious decision to find the good in it all no matter how it may feel or what it may look like.


One thing that I am always grateful for is the fact that I have a family to celebrate the holidays with. Unfortunately, this is not a luxury that everyone has and I am thankful that God has graced me with a village of people who love me and who love each other. My heart goes out to those who do not have a family or a support system, especially during this time of the year, and in our quality time I always say a prayer for those who may be lonely in this time.

Never forget to consider those who do not have both financially and emotionally. It is not always about what we have, a lot of the times, it is about who we have to share it with. Now, more than ever, we need to be checking on our strong friends and calling our independent ones because, even though it is not always expressed community is necessary now. I know this year we may have found it hard to look past our own noses because this pandemic has affected us all in ways we could have never imagine. We all have been subject to pay cuts, job loss, family loss, forced isolation, sickness, depression, and uncertainty. We have all found ourselves in places, both financially and emotionally, that we could have never seen. Who in the world thought we would start our decade off like this??

But, it is our duty to extend ourselves beyond ourselves. Jesus told us to be helpers one to another and we are to do this not just to fulfil some self-inflicted salvation checklist, but to show the hand of God and His comfort and mercy during every moment of heaviness. You never know how much someone might simply need a word of love or a smile to let them know they are not alone. Whatever that help or that extension may look like let’s all try to do our part this Christmas.

Remember that we are all not living in the lap of luxury. Some are just simply trying to make sure that they have enough to feed themselves this Christmas. So, in your moments of joy and contentment today, take a moment to say a prayer or make a call to one you know may need an extra boost. Be one of the reasons someone feels a little bit of merriment in this merry Christmas!

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