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Level One Completed!!


You have successfully completed level 1 of the game I like to call "2021 The Panorama"!

I'm so glad that you have passed the first level! You have much skill and determination and that will work to your advantage in the next level of the game!

All Jokes aside, we have made it through the first month of the year! Anybody else extremely relieved or is it just me? I swear it seem like this month flew by but lasted forever. I've had so much productivity and creativity manifesting this month but, it has also been very draining! I have been extremely excited to see my various platforms slowly, but surely, grow and develop and I have really enjoyed walking into new lanes and allowing my creativity to flourish.

This month I really put my energy into stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to do all of the things I wish I would have done but didn't. Now, every attempt to do this was not outstanding. There were some real moments where did not follow through, however, I am extremely proud of the fact that when I felt like I was beginning to fumble the bag.... I took a step back, reevaluated and attacked it again. Because of this, I was really able to assess some things in the month of January that gave me a different insight on myself and my capabilities.

To be exact, I'm going to tell you four different... enlightenments I have had over the past 31 days


#1: Don't Be Intimidated By The Growth!

Now, even though I am definitely speaking to myself, if we are honest, this can be a statement made to anybody on the outside looking in. But, I'll deal with myself first. As I said earlier, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my various platforms grow and the engagement with my content increase. However, watching it produce has been nerve racking to say the least. I don't know about anybody else but, for me, growth means increased responsibility and although it's exhilarating, it can also be scary. Scary, because I start to question if I am really ready for this, am I doing too much, or do I know enough. However, I realized that I can't be intimidated by the very thing I asked for! That is so counter productive!

One thing I know about me is I want to grow, not just in my business or content, but as a human being as well. I want to continue to build and mature so that I get better and better with time, however, when that growth comes I can not allow myself to get intimidated or psych myself out! God does not present opportunities that we are not prepared for, He is way too gracious for that! So, I am learning to embrace the growth and take advantage of every moment and opportunity because it will only get bigger and better from here and I can handle it!

Which brings me to enlightenment number two...


#2: I have the tools I need to be productive and successful!

Want to know how to be the odds?? Stop doubting yourself. Stop looking for approval and confirmation from others and start looking in the mirror. When God made you, he put in you the blueprint of success for your path and your purpose. All that was ever needed was the master architect to spearhead the project. (That would be God, just in case that flew over your head!)

God knew what was necessary and embedded it in you so, that when it was time to execute, you wouldn't have to go looking for anybody else to get it done. This has been one of the major keys unlocked for me in this level of the game.

I spent so many years (more than I would care to admit) thinking that the tools others carried would be the things that made me accomplish my goals. I spent years sitting at the feet of other listening to how they used the tools in their toolbelt and never really invested the time to learn how to adequately use the tools in mine. Now, after all this time, I finally understand, that not only do I have all that I need, I know how to use them too! And if I don't know how to utilize certain things, I am taking the time to invest in myself and gain the knowledge! I refuse to minimize my abilities and down play my strong points. God trusted me with them so I'm going to flaunt them. I am going to put them to good use and let them produce for me and those connected to me.

And during the process of learning...


#3: I Can't Get Overwhelmed!

It's okay to get frustrated, it's okay to lose focus on occasion, it's even okay to want a break but, don't get overwhelmed! According to an article done by a website called Good Therapy "Emotional overwhelm occurs when the intensity of your feelings outmatches your ability to manage them." The key thing to be aware of here is when your feelings outmatch you ability to manage. If anyone knows me, they know that when I get emotionally overwhelmed I physically tap out. My body and my mind shut down and I can literally sleep for hours on end. Now, I am already a naturally sleepy person, I often tell people my favorite form of self care is a nap! However, the sleep I experience when emotionally overwhelmed is not one that leaves me rejuvenated. It is draining and all consuming and allows me to get nothing done!

When I become overwhelmed , it becomes almost impossible for me to get back on track and by the time I finally do, I feel as though I have lost so much time. This is why it is important for me to do the work to actively manage my emotions and mental state so I will not get to the point of feeling overwhelmed. I am learning how to not let my emotions take over to the point that I lose control or lose my ability to regulate them. I know sometimes we, honestly, just can't avoid it but, if you can, do so! Make some changes in your day to day life that make it easier to detect potential emotional or mental overload.

Some ways that I am trying to avoid becoming overwhelmed is to pace myself. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon so, I have to make decisions that will build my stamina and not result in burn out. Being more aware of my emotional state in every moment, weather I am working or or studying for a class, making sure I am managing my mental and not allowing myself to overthink is essential. I have also made the decision take the breaks and not apologize! Listen, we have heard a million and one times, "Rome was not built in a day" so why do I expect all of my goals to be accomplished in one?! I am taking the time I have allotted myself to be as productive as possible and then after that, I'm watching the show, I'm reading the book, Heck, I'm taking the nap! Whatever unwind looks like for me, I'm embracing it because I deserve it!



#4: It's. Only. January!!

Yes! I said that with one hand clap and neck roll in between each word!

Honestly, This one is simple. Take the pressure off! It's only month one, level one if you will. You are not supposed to be an expert at this level, it's for beginners. Everyone is able to play at this level because this is where we learn how to run, jump, and punch when necessary!

So, stop expecting perfection and learn! Learn your avatar, learn the combinations, learn the different landscapes you can play in, and have fun! There is absolutely no point in the game if you can't enjoy it!

This life is MEANT to be enjoyed! Yes, you want to succeed but, you also want to take pleasure in it. You want to make memories in it. You want to be able to tell the ones who haven't purchased yet that it is fun and they don't want to miss out! You want to be able to experience the world like God intended when he first spoke it into existence, good.

So, ladies and gents, take the pressure off, be confident, and get ready to learn because this is only the beginning.

Level 2 starts in 3...2...1... Go!!

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