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Let's Talk About Edges Baby!!

Alright y'all!

So I said I would be back with another review for Edge Naturale, and here we are!

I reviewed this product a couple of months ago and I ranted and raved about how good this product is and my sentiments have not changed!

Edge Naturale Is one of those products that you definitely have to try if you struggle with sparse or thinning edges. So many people have testified to its results and it is super easy to use.

The product itself smooth and creamy and doesn't leave any residue when applying it to your edges. It has an amazing peppermint smell and it is something that leaves your hair smelling absolutely delightful.

I told you all the last time that I was not consistent with the product to share its full results and unfortunately that has not changed. Yikes! I have come to realize that when it comes to the upkeep of my hair, I am not as consistent as I should be. However, for the time that I have used, I do see small changes and I do recommend this product to those looking for something safe and cruelty free to grow out their natural edges.

With your consistency I have no doubt that you will see the results you desire! One of the things that I love about this product is that they use all natural ingredients. We know that a lot of companies use very harsh and harmful chemicals in their hair products which in turn can cause your hair to feel dry, brittle, and possibly cause irreversible damage. However, with Edge Natural's Follicle Enhancer, making the change to products with natural and non harmful ingredients is that much easier.

I encourage EVERYONE to go support this black owned business! Especially this month being that it is Black History Month! Let's shower our black entrepreneurs with some love and support because it is not easy being a business owner! Let's Continue to pour our black dollars into the black community!

Follow Edge Natural & Check Out Their Website!

Instagram @edgenaturale

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