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Happy New Year! *Pandemic Edition*

Happy New Year everyone!! We have successfully made through 2020, what I call " The Year of The Ghetto"!! I am so glad to say that we have officially entered into the year 2021! The past year has been one for the books, definitely one that we will tell our children and grandchildren about. However, I am grateful to God that he has blessed us all to see another year.

I don't have too much to say at all today, I really just want to live in this moment and enjoy what I can while I can.


I just pray that we all soak up all of the moments this year and that we love on every single person that we can. I know that last year was full of setbacks and curveballs, but I pray that this year, we get up and attack every goal, dream, and passion that we have. Last year may have thrown us off, but it also prepared us to achieve. Prepared us to handle almost anything.

So today, January 1st 2021, we are doing like scripture says and forgetting the things which are behind us and pressing toward the mark of the higher calling. We are making the conscious decision to cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us. ( 1 Peter 5: 7)

Today I pray that you find the strength, no matter where this year is starting off for you mentally, physically, or emotionally, to find drive, to find joy, to find peace, and love in this year.

May this year be one of restoration, conformation, and confidence.

Happy New Year Love! <3

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