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Every time she looks in the mirror, She sees the same thing consistently.

A Woman




Eyes full of moments

Head round

Nose wide like mama’s arms to embrace you

Lips full of wonder

Skin Flawed, but still beautiful

Arms waiting to be filled with love

Stomach filled with satisfaction

Hips no one can deny

Legs evidence of the strength she carry

Feet ready to carry her as far as God will allow

Her body is actually her pride and joy

No matter how curvy it gets she always manages to find the brilliance in her definitions

No cause for any kind of competition

She loves it

Every time she looks in the mirror she sees the same thing consistenly.

A Woman

Ready but unsure

Confident but insecure

Drenched in sin but still pure

Love is the thing she dreams about the most but her imagination is full of heart break

A pessimist is what her alter ego is.

She stares back at her but, she looks so much like her that sometimes she gets confused.

Brilliance is what she sees in her reflection

And complication

And rejection

Dissatisfaction and objectification

What she sees is a world of bodies threatened by her skin

Threatened by her femininity or her existence

Consistently. It has never changed.

You know what else has always been consistent?

My awareness that this same beautiful skin would make my life… complicated.

Complicated because those on the outside looking in find no beauty in it.

They see the monsters under their bed and bullet holes

They see two-bit hustlers with no goals

They see Sarah Baartman bodies waiting to be devoured

They see nigga boy bodies meant to be bowing

White bodies

The source of my anger and frustration

The reason why I have no desire to pledge allegiance to a nation

That pledges no allegiance to me

Instead, they scatter my blood across neighborhood streets

And cars, and green grass, and highways, and school grounds, and back woods, and government buildings.

Our blood cries out from this patriotic soil louder than Able’s cried out for God

Crying for justice.

Crying for equality

Crying for humanity to awaken and to see us.

Every time she looks in the mirror she sees the same thing consistently.

A woman



Eyes Full of moments

Head round

Head crowned

Head bowed

From her lips she mouthed

Our Father which art in heaven

We can no longer take this pain

Your kingdom come, your will be done

How long shall we remain

Give us this day our daily bread

So we have strength to attain

Lead us not into temptation

But we can no longer refrain.


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