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Be Anxious For Nothing

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Can we take a moment to reflect?

Going into the new year, I have been very optimistic despite my initial hesitation.You know, at first, ... I didn't want to count all my chickens before they hatched. However, I decided to be as optimistic as possible and just enjoy every moment this new year brings and that has, honestly, been the best decision for me.

One of the reasons this has been the best decision is because I am able to truly enjoy every moment IN THE MOMENT. If 2020 taught me anything, it's taught me that the small wins count. It taught me that life can change at any moment, so soaking up the present is essential when you are trying to be as productive as possible and keep your sanity. Worrying about what is going to happen next, and being anxious about an unknown future doesn't serve me because it is not something I will ever be able to control. In Matthew 6:34, Jesus told his disciples, do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself, today has enough trouble. Learning how to do the work that is necessary now and staying in each and every present moment is essential. Doing as Jesus said and only worrying about today keeps us from anxiety and unnecessary misery. Why? because God has promised to be Jehovah Jireh, our provider.


When I make the decision to hold on to and worry over the things that God has said he would take care of, we put our self at a disadvantage because, no one can provide better for you than the one who made you and all of your needs. Why put yourself in His way?


Now hear me when I say, refusing to worry doesn't mean you neglect preparation. Just because I know God will provide doesn't mean I sit on my hands and wait for him to drop it in my lap. If I don't prepare for what I know God is going to do, I won't be in the best position to properly operate in or with whatever God has given. So, it is definitely our job to do what is necessary today to set us up for whatever God has planned.

This, I believe, Is especially important amidst the events that have unfolded this week in Washington D.C. I won't go into detail today because I am definitely still processing a lot, however, I will say this. Now, more than ever, we need to trust God to be God, prepare us as He guides us, and enjoy the good things in every moment. I know it can be extremely easy to get caught up in the chaos that is racial injustice and universal turmoil but, let's not get so caught up in the anguish around us that we don't see the magnitude of God. He always knows what He is doing and reality is He saw everything coming before it unfolded. So no matter how the outcome, I trust Him.

I'm not naive to the enemy's devices. I will still exercise my voice in the fight for racial equality in this country. I will still exercise my right to protest against systemic racism, social, and racial inequality. I will not be silent when I see things that need to be corrected. However, I refuse to let it consume my vision. There is too much goodness around me to ignore. There is to much joy saturated in the crevices of my loved ones smile to be overlooked. I will always stand on the fact that finding joy and peace in the midst of oppressive climates is one of the greatest forms of rebellion.


So, in this moment and in every moment after, I choose to saturate myself in the in the twinkles in time! Celebrate on the mountain tops for the small wins and throw parties in honor of the paltry victories. Why?

Because they are necessary.

Because they are the small gust of winds that give my wings stability to take flight, and we all need to take flight. Especially now.

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